Product details & care instructions for leather products

• Rose gold/ black steel (not suitable for regular water contact)
• Gold/Brass (ideal for freshwater swimming)
• Silver/Stainless Steel (ideal for swimming in fresh and salt water) 

The PUPPYROPE promise 
• 100% precise handwork
• 100% premium quality
• 100% made in Germany
• 100% customer satisfaction
• soft, supple and light
• stable and durable
• Easy to care for and robust
• Natural product: the color darkens over time and a patina forms

Care instructions: Oiled leather should not be washed or come into contact with excessive water, otherwise it will lose its durability and become brittle over time.

A slightly damp cloth is sufficient for cleaning. 

should it get wet No way Place on a heater or other heat source. Simply hang to dry at room temperature.