Product details & care instructions for cotton products

100% cotton dyed
8mm (recommended for small dogs)
10 mm (recommended for medium to large dogs)
12 mm (recommended for very large or strong pulling dogs) 
Possibly. wrapping (depending on model)
Dyed paracord, leather or cotton cord
• Rose gold / steel (not suitable for swimming)
• Black / Steel (not suitable for swimming)
• Silver / Steel (not suitable for swimming)
• Gold / Brass (suitable for swimming in fresh water)
• Silver / stainless steel (Suitable for swimming in fresh and salt water) 
The PUPPYROPE promise 
• 100% lovingly handcrafted
• 100% premium quality
• 100% made in Germany
• 100% customer satisfaction
• soft, supple and light
• stable 
• Easy to care for and robust
• Can be personalized with an embossed name 
care instructions

The cotton rope can be washed by hand with lukewarm water.