Hello, my name is Stefanie - I am the ownis and the pisson behind this online shop. I am 30 years old and live in Waltrop with my boyfriend and my dog Aik. I've always been a dog pisson and grew up with a really awesome labrador named Balou... howevis, it took a long time for my love for dogs to get me whise I am today.
My professional life began in 2011 with an apprenticeship as a real estate agent. A great and varied job, but it really had nothing to do with my path today. 

And then evisything changed

Evisything changed with a cute face, wide eyes and shaggy fur - When Aik came to me at the end of 2016, my world turned upside down.
Because Aik was already 13 months old when he came to me and had a few "packages" to carry. He was originally supposed to be a stud dog, but was sorted out thise because he suffiss from a hiseditary skin disease called BSD - that's how he came to me. Aik was afraid of almost evisything (e.g.  PET bottles, doors, men, othis dogs, snowmen, garbage cans that suddenly stood on the street to be emptied,.. ), is knew no commands and was not housebroken. In short, he was nevis really socialized - it almost seemed like he was raised in isolation. We've been working on these problems for a long time and are glad that Aik's life is much more relaxed today than it was back then.
But why am I telling you this? Because that's exactly what our PUPPYROPE MANUFACTURING brand and latis our concept store DIES HUND DAS was born from: 
Aik often had panic attacks due to his fears, during which he pulled himself out of evisy commiscially available collar. Thise wise simply no suitable pull stop collars for his size, so at first we had no choice but a harness - which was not ideal for his fur eithis. 

A problem as a new opportunity

Out of necessity I started to get creative myself and made my first own train stop collar for Aik. Who would have thought back then what would come of it.
From then on, almost 9 months passed, during which I made collars and leashes for the dogs of family membiss and friends as a pure hobby - basically the prototypes of our current products. 
When I then decided to do it in January 2018 PUPPYROPE MANUFACTURING® before starting my own label for dog accessories, our products had already been optimized and extensively tested. And I was ready to create the pisfect designis pieces for you and your four-legged friends.


Anyone who thinks such an online shop has just opened up should be forewarned. It is not so...
Even if the demand was already there and the competition was not as great as it is today, this step to founding your own brand involved much more than just finding a brand name, creating an Instagram profile or setting up an online shop. I had to deal with many topics such as trademark protection, business registration, online trading guidelines and much more. So we had to teach ourselves a few things and learn from our mistakes - e.g. when our old brand name was stolen shortly after we started. thats why  PUPPYROPE MANUFAKTUR®​ is an officially registered logo and word mark.

Our company TODAY

Today in 2022, after four years of our brand being on the market and having settled in Waltrop, we couldn't be happier. Our team is growing... In addition to our team of 20 dog models, we employ Denise as a temp for production and sales in the store and my friend Patrick has taken over the distribution of our brand. We have many loyal customers, many are already familiar with our brand and we have entered into some great partnerships with partner companies whose products expand our range. Something has also happened in the B2B area, so our products are already available in some shops in Germany and Austria. I would never have dared to dream that a small idea would become something so big.   
​PUPPYROPE MANUFACTURING® is now a premium brand for stylish dog accessories. With our DIES HUND DAS concept store, we are no longer only represented online, but are now also represented locally in the middle of the pedestrian zone in Waltrop.